I feel the 1st kick ;)

October 04, 2012

Sejak bangun pagi, perut rasa tak selesa..rasa berat di bawah perut

Tadi masa tgh baring2.... i feel it...yes this time 100% confidence...sebelum ni banyak angin aje yg gerak2...
I feel the kickings... alalalala rasa mcm nak cium2 baby

tp mcm too soon kan...baru 15 weeks... so googling around...jumpe di BabyCenter

If the idea of having a baby seems so remote, nothing makes it feel more real than feeling your baby move for the first time. Most mums-to-be discern movement (called quickening) between 16 weeks and 20 weeks. ' If you've been pregnant before, you'll feel things earlier rather than later. ' What you may first think is a rumbling stomach may be your baby doing some back flips. Make note of when you first start feeling the baby and tell your doctor at your next visit. This middle stage of pregnancy is a good time to start exercising. 

So maybe this is my 2nd pregnancy, so i feel it early ;)

oh Happy sungguh



  1. same dgn ana jiha..ana dh rase dia gerak2..
    masa chekup aritu nurse kk chek..dia pun de tnya dh rase bb gerak k?pastu ana tnya nurse tu, dh boleh rase k? nurse tu jwb dh boleh..
    sekali sok nyer tgh baring telentang rase dia gerak..rasa happy nk nangis pun de..
    syukur alhamdulillah dpt rasa utk kali k 2..

  2. 2nd pregnancy memang cepat ras kick dia kan..


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